Why Christians Can Be Hypocritical

I am a Christian and I am a hypocrite. You read that right.

I have preached one thing and done the exact opposite.

There is no “But” here. Just a small confession. I can be 100% a hypocrite.

I once heard from Pastor Jason Hillier say “Jesus doesn’t see a messy man. He sees a man in a mess”. We aren’t labeled for what we have done. Our actions aren’t always who we are. And sometimes we trade what we need for what we want. And that want, for me anyways; was to fit in and join the sarcasm/hurtful gossip with others. Because it was “funny” and too tempting not to do it.

Let’s not label people. Let’s encourage them.

I’ve done my share of labeling. More than I would like to admit and more recently than I would like to admit. I fall quite short sometimes.

I was watching the NFL Draft this past Thursday night with my brother and friend Shawn. Our talk turned quickly from the draft to one of our old friends from high school where we were making course jokes about decisions they have made. I was reluctant to join in the conversation because I have mentioned in the past I don’t want to be part of a conversation that talks behind peoples back. I decided to chime in almost regrettably “It’s so hard not make fun of the him. He makes it too easy sometimes.”. It only takes one statement to change the mood sometimes. From what I recall, Shawn immediately called me out on being a hypocrite from the conversation we had about not talking about other people months ago. I was caught.

Sometimes we need people to call us out. We need people to be real with us. Sometimes the most impactful statements come from the most unexpected sources. I am thankful for Shawn saying that. He was right and I was wrong.

It hurts when someone calls you a hypocrite. Especially a close longtime friend.  But it was needed. Not what I wanted.

I can’t judge people. We can’t judge people just because they sin differently than we do.

We are all on the same playing field. No one is greater than anyone because of what they do or have done.

I was being sarcastic. I was talking behind a someone’s back. And I was being a hypocrite. I am a hypocrite. I am often. There I said it.

I am so thankful that my identity and who I am isn’t solely based on what I do. But what Jesus has done. I can’t earn Grace, I can only receive it. I am thankful for friends who are honest with me.

I Can Boast In My Weakness

My story isn’t what I did wrong. It’s what Jesus did right. I can only boast in my weakness and where I fall short because it was never up to me.

Accountability is good because it helps me, not label me. It helps direct me, not my point out my past. Accountability helps me become the person I was meant to be. Not to help me to keep striving. Jesus took care of my striving. I already have victory through Him. I am already enough. And I am already loved because of what Jesus did. Not anything that I have done or could do. My shame melts when I tell my story. My story isn’t what I did wrong. It’s what Jesus did right.

“Our willingness to follow Jesus is directly linked to how good we believe He is” – Jason Hillier.

I believe Jesus is who He says He is (The Son of God), and did what He said He did (Died and rose again for our failures).

I am not looking for a cop out or for excuses. I’m looking for empowerment.

Jesus’s grace empowers me to walk forward every day despite my hiccups in my daily walk. I can receive that only. Not earn it. I am so grateful for that.

I can be hypocritical. I do fail. I do mess up. I fall painfully short sometimes, okay maybe a lot. I do stray. I can be discouraged. I can be subject to hate sometimes. My ego gets too big at times. I can be negative or sassy.

But Jesus doesn’t see messy people. He sees people in a mess. But God meets us where we are. But He doesn’t leave us there. He leads us forward and its always worth it.

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