Is the advice you’re hearing worth listening to? Here’s how to find out.

Is the advice you’re hearing worth listening to? Here’s how to find out.

We can lead a horse to water but we can’t make it drink. At least that’s how the saying goes. If we look anywhere these days advice is everywhere, unsolicited even. We are so quick to give advice. I know I am. And in most cases, we are giving advice from the very limited information that we have. I am not feeling well, “Go to the doctors.” I don’t have enough credit to buy a house. “Go get a credit card.” I can’t lose this weight. “I have this cleanse that works great”.  We are quick give to information without actually listening to people. What if the person feeling well just wanted someone to say “I’m really sorry to hear that.” They don’t need a doctor, just a listening ear. What if the person that wants to buy a house just needs to save more money, not more ways to get into debt? What if the person not losing weight just wants a work out partner so they don’t have to do this journey alone? I think you get the point.  Do we really want to know the whole story or are we trying to solve an equation without actually knowing the real or whole problem? I’m preaching to myself here too in case you are wondering.

 Here’s another thought.


People have to want advice as much as we want to give it. Most don’t. I haven’t filled out a w2 form since I was 19 and have been my own boss since I was 20. I’ve trained over 1000 sales reps by myself before I was 26. What I’ve learned over the years is we can’t give something we don’t have. If we aren’t financially stable we can’t help others financially (besides what not to do). If we are putting up a façade of we have it altogether then others will too. In my opinion, real leading and teaching is doing everything I’m trying to teach through my actions and actually living it out. People are sick of being preached at. They want to see it.  Not hear it anymore. Advice is plentiful. Actions are a rarity. If I’m not where I need to be, I can’t help others yet in that department. For example, if I’m not together emotionally in this moment I’m not in the right mind to help someone else emotionally yet. The same can be for financially, relationships, etc…

I would probably never take financial advice from a broke person, health advice from an overweight personal trainer, job skills from a homeless person etc..

I would have a conversation with them because they all have value and worth. But advice and help, I’m very picky what I take in. The best advice I’ve ever heard was “Take very few opinions”.

Most people take the first advice they’ve heard, the first job they’re offered Etc without actually checking the credibility of it.

 Where is your advice coming from? Who is your mentor and in all respect are they worth being your mentor? Who do you look up to and are they REALLY living the life you want to truly live? Not just a financial standpoint but from an emotional, family, faith, integrity, and character. Are they where you want to be and are they going where you want to go?

 Growing up I watched my certain people and looked up to them because I was around them a lot. But as I grew older I realized I didn’t want to go where they went and where they were going. I learned lessons from their mistakes, kept growing and picked up new mentors.

 Be careful who you surround yourself with. You might end up where they are going. Ask yourself, is that a good thing? It not, when are you going to change that?

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