Going through problems? Yeah me Too. What I’ve learned the past 5 months and how they can encourage you on your journey.

When trying to face everything at once it can feel overwhelming at times. Can you relate?

As I write this I’m sitting at my kitchen table staring at 2 years’ worth of bank statements that I need to sit down and analyze. I’m being audited for 2 years’ worth of taxes from 4 years ago and I didn’t keep any receipts really. That can be scary. I’ve talked to IRS lawyers and CPA’s about audits and they can go a lot of different ways depending on each situation. Not having some important receipts is not a good start. I realized this 2 years ago after not filing taxes for a couple years and realizing I need these receipts. I swept it under the rug and started keeping receipts a couple years ago. I prayed for the best and thought I wouldn’t get audited. I mean what are the odds right? Well the odds weren’t in my favor (Insert hunger games joke here). So here I am sitting to search for as much “proof” as possible that I did what I said I did. I’m stalling just writing this blog I feel like.

Things can feel overwhelming but one thing that’s really helped me during this time is just taking it one step at a time. Instead of trying to figure out everything out at once and trying to stay 5 steps ahead all the time I’m focused on my one next step at a time. I’ll handle what I can handle and let the experts I have working for me take care of the rest. Do I think ahead still sometimes? Sure but then I feel overwhelmed.

I’ve learned some things the past 5 months going through a lot personally.

1)      Delegate

I’ve hired more staff members to work for me than I ever have before with my publishing business. My payroll has practically doubled. I have 4 assistants that work for me now where I can properly delegate and focus on what my strengths are and what only I can do. Doing everything myself keeps a lot of stress on me. Delegate the small but important things that others can do just as well or at least to a degree where its not really hurting my business. This keeps the stress minimal and I focus on the important/ profit building activities that I’m good at. I’ve also let the tax experts determine where I should go. And I’ve taken multiple opinions verses just one. Delegate what I’m not good at (or what others can do for me just as well) and do what I’m good at. 

 2)      Give Control away

When I try to control every step and plan everything perfectly in everything I get caught up in the little things. I can’t enjoy the present and I certainly can’t be present in life in that moment when I’m too busy tryinig to control everything. For some reason, I think sometimes that thinking about everything and trying to control everything will bring me freedom and peace. But it doesn’t at all. It does the exact opposite. It makes me mistreat people, un present in the moment and makes me a control freak. That can unfold everything that I am trying to do. Giving control to God and letting him be God is what helps me stay present, feel joy and feel freedom everyday despite the big unknowns.

  3)      Focus on little next steps, not big leaps

What am I empowered to do in this very moment? This is a great question I like to ask myself frequently and helps me stay present and not look too far ahead. Again, I don’t want control, I want freedom and to enjoy every moment I have on this Earth. Taking next steps and controlling only what I can control helps me feel empowered verses overwhelmed. What is my next step? What is your next step and what do you need to let go of? What will bring you freedom in this moment? What do you need to let go of in order to receive what life has for you in this moment?

 4)      Surrounding yourself with the right people is the key

Im a big advocate for people putting themselves in a thriving environment. Not a just surviving one. Surrounding myself with forward thinkers, not sulking ones has been huge for me. Surrounding myself with people who ask me great questions; that keep me focused on what’s important has been huge for me. I admit I can’t do it on my own. I wasn’t made to do this life alone. I need friends that encourage me. Having a significant other that believes in me has been a blessing. One I don’t deserve at times. She sees my flaws but doesn’t point them out. She builds me up. How often did we have significant others always talk more about what we need to fix verses encouraging us? I am thankful I have found a good one.

 5)      Reward yourself

If I want to get things done I need to do what I WANT to do LAST and what I DON’T want to do FIRST. The order has to be this way because we won’t make time later for what we don’t want to do. We will however make time to do what we want. Do what you don’t want to do first so you have an incentive to get through it and get through it quick so you have time to do what you love later. This has been impactful for me and a game changer. Do what’s hard first and do what’s easy later. You’ll thank yourself and you’ll subconsciously grow as a leader because you do what’s always harder first. In a way you’re affirming yourself.

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