A hard lesson learned while In Europe…

A hard lesson learned while In Europe…

So I just need to get this off my chest and heart. I was pocket picked today in Rome. $350 and everything in my wallet gone. 2 little girls who looked like they were 14 did the deed. The door closed in the subway before I could race after them. After the initial shock I was very hurt that someone did this to me. I felt violated and couldn’t believe this happened to me. I also just withdrew $250 from the atm hours before my wallet got stolen. What a bummer lol.

But this was a wake up call. And it made me question why I would be so hurt by getting pocket picked. I thought “why do I feel so hurt?”

I mean in perspective I have my passport, cellphone and another debit card at the hotel just in case something like this happened. My card was reported stolen without any complications. I have more than enough money for the rest of the trip in my bank account.  Why do I feel so hurt still?

After some thinking I realized I was putting my identity in money in that moment. Money comes and goes. But my joy shouldn’t. My identity isn’t in that $350 and a license I can easily reorder. My identity is in Jesus and what he says about me. Not in how much money I gain or lose in my life. This isn’t about emotional intelligence or a new perspective even. Its an identity shift. What we put our identity in determines what brings us joy in our life. This paradigm shift is about joy and freedom regardless of circumstances. Joy And freedom that is unwavered and isn’t based on circumstances. Circumstances change everyday. Because of Jesus my identity doesn’t. Imagine Joy not based on circumstances. Pretty cool if you ask me.

Now let’s look at what happened after this “unfortunate event”

What was meant to build up walls, Actually teared down previous ones.

Adversity can sometimes destroy relationships. This made mine stronger. Amber and I grew closer during this. She was amazing during all of this.

Where I could have felt overwhelmed, I felt empowered.

Something was taken away (my wallet) when in reality I felt like I was given something back.

– it gave me a platform to share this.

– it gave me immense joy when it should have done the opposite.

– it gave me an opportunity to learn more about who I am and remind me what defines me and what I put my victory in.

Now after a couple hours of this happening I wouldn’t change a thing. With Jesus what was meant for harm, turned out for good. In a way losing money freed my heart a little bit more because it reminded me that money doesn’t own me.

I was offered money because people in our tour group felt sorry for me. But I couldn’t take it. Not because of pride but because it would be stealing the next step that I know my heart needs to take. If I take the money that means to me I need the money back in order to feel better. I don’t need the money back to feel better. Essentially what I’m asking is would you pay $350 for more freedom and joy in your heart? I would. They can have it.

I have everything I need in Jesus. I know that might sound wierd to some of you but I don’t care. I know it’s not what everyone else says. It’s not what the Kardashians or Justin Beiber are doing. It’s so much more than that for me.

I don’t want a “good for you Dave” or even a “God is good” comment from my Christian friends. I want this story to challenge you to take your next step. I want this to create an urgent need to ask yourself “what do I put my identity in”? I don’t want a “good job Dave”. I want a “this made me think”. And I want everyone to experience freedom that isn’t tied to circumstances.

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