A 28 year old getting his first puppy on his own

I have 24 hours until I get a puppy. I put the down payment on the little guy 2 days ago and I am officially picking him up tomorrow. I feel like most people would be super excited and I am. However I just can’t help the feeling that I am making a mistake. That or I am about to have a big life change in terms of freedom. I think it’s the second statement the more I think about it. Being a single guy and having owned my house for 4 years and 10 months I have as much freedom as I could ask for. I really only clean up after myself, I buy groceries only for myself, I only worry about my schedule most of the time and I never have to ask anyone to do anything.  I really only take care of myself. I love seeing my nieces and nephew but that’s only a couple times a week and I leave as soon as I want to or I am ready to do something else. It’s perfect! I even make my own schedule at work and to be blunt I’ve only worked a couple days the past 3 weeks since getting back from a 8 day cruise. And I still get paid. It’s a pretty rough life. So why I am ruining this again?

But seriously I say this not to brag at all but to say I feel pretty unprepared for this puppy. Ive never raised a dog by myself. I’ve never taken care of anything by myself besides a house. I realized that the next 5 evenings of this week are full with stuff like social events for work, small groups for church and playing basketball. How am I going to take care of this puppy? My mom said she would dog sit for me when I needed it because she already has a dog so it’s not a extra burden at all. But I don’t like relying on people to do things for me. When I’m gone in the evening I wouldn’t be gone for more than 3-4 hours but still I have to make sure I am home right after to let the dog out. I like to have options and even if I don’t plan on doing anything after these evening plans I still like the freedom to know that I can do what I want!

But then I just realized something. It comes down to this simple question:

“Do I want to grow up?”

If the answer is no then I need to go get my deposit back and give this puppy a better home. If the answer is yes then I need to take this next step. I will be constantly thinking about someone else and making sure they are okay at all times. I am the sole provider for this living “thing”? Whenever I make plans for a weekend, day or in advance I will need to start thinking about someone else all the time for once. That’s a first for me. It will no longer be about me. And I want that, I actually need that. This puppy is going to make me a better husband in the future when I finally find the right one. This puppy is going to make me a better father in the future. That is worth the responsibility to me. I am ready to grow up. So in a way, I feel like I need this puppy more than it needs me. So here goes nothing. Responsibilities and less freedom, here I come! I’m embracing it. Here’s to take next steps.

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