Never Complete

From growing up fatherless, to being arrested four times before he was 20 years old, to becoming a successful business owner making two six figure incomes from both business endeavors, to buying his first home by the time he was twenty-four, David Schaub is grateful and empowered by every challenge thrown at him. This book is the story of every next step he took. He now speaks across the US to young adults and college students. His Next Step was writing this book.

Do you feel overwhelmed most of the time? Do you feel like your heart is heavy and weighed down more often than not? Or maybe you’re like me, where you’re an overly optimistic person but still have some things to work on. Either way, whether we are depressed, hurting, or experiencing real joy in our life, we all have a next step to take. This book truly is for everyone who wants more out of life than what has been offered to us. We don’t need to arrive at a dead-end road to realize we have the next step to take in our lives.

What’s a next step? It’s when we move forward with something that is going to bring us into greater freedom and purpose in our lives. We all have a next step to take, whether we are 18, 38, 58, or 108. If we aren’t dead, God is still using us.

Here’s the thing though; my next step wasn’t always an outward movement. Most of my next steps were inward, releasing and then receiving something new that made me who I am today. Who we are becoming is way more important than what we are doing. When we know who we are and what we were created to do, our next step just naturally happens. I talk all about this in my book.

I ask questions people just don’t seem to ask. I don’t want to fix the symptom. I want to help fix the root of the problems we are having. Most of us don’t know who we are outside of our jobs, college degrees, and relationships. Take those three things away; who are you? Most people I’ve met can’t answer that question.

In this book you’ll learn:

• Your story is worth being told despite the flaws…

• Our environment really makes us or breaks us.

• Being grateful is a catalyst to joy.

• How to be a leader the right way and not how the world defines it What a healthy relationship looks like.

• Being busy could be distracting us from becoming who we really want to be.

• Why the world needs us to be our vulnerable authentic self.

I hope you join me on this journey of taking next steps so we can change ourselves and the world one next step at a time.