Becoming Who We Were Meant To be

by David Schaub

Have you ever been unsure about what’s next in your life? Join the club.

From growing up fatherless and with a criminal record to becoming a successful business owner with a six-figure income by 23 years of age, I can tell you that there is always a next step to take… 

But this book isn’t about success. This book is basically about how imperfect I am. Seriously. I am quite imperfect and made a ton of mistakes along the way. It’s often hard to be grateful and empowered by every challenge thrown at us, but it’s possible.

I don’t know about you but I can’t relate to being perfect. This isn’t a book about having it all together. It’s about you taking your next step right where you are.

Through my story of each next step, I outline my failures and victories without holding back. Most of my next steps were inward. Not outward. I talk about every misstep and next step I made along the way. Some that were my fault and others that weren’t.

I now speak across the United States to young adults and college students. My Next Step was sharing my story through this book.

What you will learn in this book

  • Your story is worth being told despite the flaws..
  • Our environment really makes us or breaks us.
  • Being grateful is a catalyst to joy.
  • How to be a leader the right way and not how the world defines it What a healthy relationship looks like.
  • Being busy could be distracting uWhy the world needs us to be our vulnerable authentic self.
  • I hope you join me on this journey of taking next steps so we can change ourselves and the world one next step at a time.