How to Feel Empowered When You are Overwhelmed

Have you ever been afraid to make a decision? I know I have. We are all faced with big decisions in our life. Sometimes we let what we can’t do interfere with what we can do. We shouldn’t make decisions based off fear. I teach students and young adults how to make decisions while feeling peace and freedom at the same time. There is more to life than just striving and trying to survive. We can thrive during the chaos of life. We can make good decisions while finding hope in the uncertainty that can follow with making decisions. what if it doesn’t work out? what happens if I made the wrong decision? Great questions that are hard to answer. they are however ones we need to take head on if we are going to live a life uncommon now and live a fruitful life. While there aren’t always perfect answers to hard questions there can always be freedom despite circumstances.

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