About Me

Hello! I am David Schaub and I am obsessed with helping people live their lives with purpose, for them to find hope, and most importantly to live a life of freedom. I believe the way to find these things is by having faith in Jesus. I take next steps with him in my life not to become significant, but because his love for me has made me significant through his grace. From growing up fatherless, to being arrested four times before I was 20, to being a successful business owner and buying a home by the time I was 24, I have been through a lot. I am grateful for every challenge life has thrown at me. I live in Buffalo NY where I love to hang out with friends and family. Two things drive me in life: Relationships and taking next steps with Jesus.  I am about living a life of purpose and life couldn’t get more exciting! I just want to help and empower others in any way that I can. I want to be vulnerable so others can have the courage to do so as well. I am not a slave to fear. I love doing all this through blogging, speaking and building relationships.